Ron Reagan and Jennifer Hecht discuss why atheism is the biggest "taboo" for politicians-perhaps even more so than homosexuality. The Last Taboo It's harder in America to come out as an atheist politician than a gay one. Why? By JENNIFER MICHAEL HECHT December 09, 2013 Read more:

Jennifer Michael Hecht: "The History of Atheism, Feminism and the Science of Brains" Recorded at the Center for Inquiry "Women in Secularism 2" conference, Saturday, May 18, 2013, in Washington, D.C. Jennifer Michael Hecht is the author of three history books and two volumes of poetry.

Author and historian Jennifer Michael Hecht argues in favor of understanding the history of skepticism to build a foundation for skepticism of the future. Live on stage at TAM 2012. Jennifer Michael Hecht is the author of award-winning books of philosophy, history, and poetry, including The End of the Soul: Scientific Modernity, Atheism and Anthropology; Doubt: A History; The Happiness Myth, and her book of poetry, Funny, which Publishers Weekly called one of the most original and entertaining books of the year.


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