Struck by this new review

"As a suicide attempt survivor, I found this book most enlightening. It provided me with a platform on why not to attempt to take my own life again. Hecht’s approach to attach the survivor with society is quite powerful. She has accomplished what she sets out to do from page one: to convince the person contemplating suicide to 'consider the arguments (for not taking one’s own life) and choose to stay. After that, anything can happen. First, choose to stay.'”

David Rosman, New York Journal of Books


I just found this review and was surprised by this last paragraph. The rest of the review was a more intellectual and somewhat neutral (lightly positive) reading of the book. I'm struck by how the personal note at the end allows some fresh air in the room regarding our secret lives and masked pain. And thereby makes the world more honest, and more empathetic. It's very moving.